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Thermal Measurement Infrastructure

IR measurement setup, check the publications for a more detailed description.
  • AMD Athlon, Thermal Profile: The video shows an AMD Athlon at 1.6GHz cooldown with an oil flow while starting to execute a matrix multiplication. The hot area in the middle of the die corresponds to the integer scheduler.
  • FPGA Thermal Measurement: In this experiment, we divided the Stratix II EP2S60 FPGA in 6 horizontal logic blocks. Blocks consist of 4 LABs, each block is activated independently. Each region consumes around 1 Watt. The video shows the thermal cycling observed.
  • Intel Core2 Booting Linux, Thermal Profile: This video shows the temperature of a Intel Core2 while booting Linux.
  • Ultra SPARC II, Thermal Profile: For this setup, we removed the heatsink of an UltraSPARC II.