ESESC is first introduced in the HPCA 2013 paper ESESC: A Fast Multicore Simulator Using Time-Based Sampling by Ehsan K.Ardestani, and Jose Renau. This paper is the first to propose the concept of Time-Based Sampling (TBS) to solve the issues related to evaluation of multithreaded applications.


Architects rely on simulation in their exploration of the design space. However, slow simulation speed caps their productivity and limits the depth of their exploration. Sampling has been a commonly used remedy. While sampling is shown to be an effective technique for single core processors, its application has been limited to simulation of multiprogram, throughput applications only. This work presents Time-Based Sampling (TBS), a framework that is the first to enable sampling in simulation of multicore processors with virtually no limitation in terms of application type (multiprogrammed or multithreaded), number of cores, homogeneity or heterogeneity of the simulated configuration (4.99% error averaged across all the evaluated configurations). TBS also is the first to enable integrated power and temperature evaluation in statistically sampled simulation of multicore systems (with 5.5% and 2.4% error on average, respectively). We implement an architectural simulator based on TBS, called ESESC, that provides a holistic set of tools for a fair evaluation of different architectures.